Fleeces Pyjamas vs Flannel Pyjamas - What is best for kids?

So what are the main differences between Fleece Pyjamas and Flannel Pyjamas? 

Fleece Pyjamas

First and foremost this is a synthetic material and this should make it very durable, it should be able to handle quite a lot of washing at the factory recommended temperatures.  Fleece is a very velvety like soft material so does wonders in keeping you warm and trapping that heat but it can make you feel rather hot. 

Does it work for kids? 

Form my experience it works great as a 'wear it all day' outfit but can make my children quite hot if worn to bed during the night but then again every child, every home is different so you do what works best for your child. 

Flannel Pyjamas

A natural choice for fabric, organically grown, kind to the environment and yet still soft to touch and wear, its an excellent choice for pyjama fabric and to be honest we use this material for most of our pyjama styles.  

Does it work for kids?

The best choice of material at our house, kids love the snug fit flannel material offers, keeps them warm but also allows the material to grow after a few washes.  

So what is the best option?

Every child is different, let us know what works for your children with some comments below. 

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